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Perth Pool Cleaning are the pool cleaning experts for customers in Perth and the surrounding area. Products and services we provide include pool inspections, pool chlorinators, pool lights and pool pumps filters. We have the perfect pool cleaning solution for you!

Perth Pool Services & Equipments

Perth Pool Cleaning FAQ's

Customer Information
What we need from you

We require the following details:
  1. Your Full Name and Company Name if the bill is to be sent to a business address.
  2. The Job Address and Postal address (if different to Job Address).
  3. Your Phone Numbers (Home, Work, Mobile).
  4. All Occupiers Details (If you are not the Occupier of the Property) Including Points 1 & 3.
The customer or the authorised person is responsible for the payment to Perth Pool Cleaning.
If the customer is not the authorised person for this account, authority from the Owner is required (Agent with an Order Number).
Service Calls
We offer regular and casual rates
  1. Both Charges are for a maximum of 3/4 Hour on site. Thereafter the rate becomes the Hourly Rate divisible by 4 i.e. if I am there 1:25 Hour then Rate * 1.75
  2. The rates are for the primary Metro area (1/2 Hour From Base and Back) and not on the fringes. Traveling Time and call rates will apply to areas outside of the 1/2 hour metro area
  3. Casual Charges apply on all first calls. If we decide that regular calls are required, the new rate will apply providing that the booked date is no longer than 4 weeks (28 days) from the date of the previous call
  4. If the pool is green, the casual charge applies for all visits until the final clean
Treatment to Convert Green Pools

If the pool is green & you cannot see the bottom, it is likely that 3 – 4 visits will be required (Please note this is an estimate, additional visits could be required)

General Steps for Green Pools (Note: All steps based on the average green pool, all steps may not be required. Steps are relying on the pool reacting as expected)
  1. Treat the pool - Chlorine, Algaecide and floc. Leaf rake & Brush. Advise customer on necessary pool equipment and replacements of old equipment.
  2. Usually if the floc has worked Vacuum pool to waste. This will usually take at least 1.5 hrs.
  3. Usually if stages 1 and 2 have worked, tweak the clean-up & process any equipment discussed in visit 1. Balance pool water. Often this call is between 1-1.5 hrs.
Pool Lights

Halogen Globes generally blow quickly due to 2 main reasons:

  1. Turning on the light “Does it work” then turning it off too quickly
  2. Water getting into to the light housing causing the electrics to short out & blow the globe.

Most light technology connects the power cable through the back of the light – this is a common weak point.

The lights that we recommend and supply connect to the outside of the light and are then sealed with lanolin to avoid water issues. We offer this range of lights in both Halogen & L.E.D. The Installation/Conversion and Parts are the same in all our lights.

If the Light Cable is damaged beyond repair, new cable will have to be laid. Pricing can be negotiated on site.

GK6 – Halogen Can fit to a 12, 24, 32v Transformer – Just select the correct globe for your situation.
GK5 – L.E.D only for 12v Transformer. This may require the customer to change transformers. Comes in single colours (White or Blue) and multi-colour (Disco) – 80% light output of the GK7.
GK7 – L.E.D only for 12v Transformer. This may require the customer to change transformer. Comes in single colours (White or Blue) and multi-colour (Disco)

GK6 Light Installation/Conversion and Parts.

GK5 Light (Single) Installation/Conversion and Parts.
GK5 Light (Multi) Installation/Conversion and Parts.

GK7 Light (Single) Installation/Conversion and Parts.
GK7 Light (Multi) Installation/Conversion and Parts.

If a new transformer is required, a 12 Volt 25va Transformer will operate 1 L.E.D light. If multipe lights needs to be operated, please call or email to discuss further transformer options.

FM Remote
A FM Remote and Receiver allows remote operation of all your lighting (Halogen and L.E.D). For pricing and options, please contact Perth Pool Cleaning on 0434 680 328

Terms and Conditions

Perth Pool Cleaning agrees to warranty any work carried out by it for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase. Any goods purchased which carry a manufacturer’s warranty are subject to the manufacturer’s warranty. Perth Pool Cleaning agrees to return any faulty goods to the said original supplier for any warranty claim. Any expenses incurred by Perth Pool Cleaning for the return are at the customer’s expense.
The returns department can be contacted by emailing